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What's next?

We've been asking lots of people during the pre-production process about which color we should produce, and there's one specific almost everyone asked for. So we have a new color coming and it's gonna be this one! Can you guess which?

Which color is coming next?

  • Smoke green

  • Smoke blue

  • Cream white

  • Turquoise

New styles

Additionally, we're designing some more top-styles that hopefully will be launched this winter, and we will refill some sizes, add XS and XL and looking forward to getting your input on what we should design next! More info will come soon and we would be so happy if you wanted to take a minute to answer our style-poll when it's up - take your chance to influence what we're designing and producing!

Wild winter experiences

And to follow up our last blog post for what you want to experience this winter, your top three votes were these:

So, let's do it!! We just finished our first event: a successful fully-booked cozy morning yoga and brekkie in our temporary showroom in Åre. Make sure to follow us for more events and meet-ups this winter, hope to see you on one soon!


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