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Sustainability & care


Our mission is to create Nordinary winter tights, tops and other products with as little impact on us and our planet as possible. Our customers and users are the ones who lead the way to what we produce, and we will always listen to feedback to be able to create timeless products that you'll love for years. Sustainability is so much more than what we produce. It's also how we talk, act, make other people feel. Building relationships and keeping good communication is one lead in making happier and healthier human beings, that will make way towards a better care for the planet.

Health  We create a community for your mind, body and soul. We help you make the outdoors comfortable and nice, inspire you to find safety and warmth all year round, support movement and health, and help you find time in your life to take care of yourself, your people and the planet. We will soon open up our site for our best health ideas for a lifestyle in movement and purpose.

Social  We build relationships and engagement with the people we meet, local communities and society. By improving social sustainability we can reduce wasteful practices and carbon footprints as a result of beneficial practices for our colleagues, customers and the community. We identify and manage our impacts proactively, both positive and negative, and contribute to improving lives of the people we affect in every lead of the process. 

Production  We produce our clothes within Europe. At the moment our fabrics are produced in Portugal and our manufacturer of garments is in Lithuania. Our mission to reduce transportation and we will always look for and work with reducing time on the road. Our batches are small scale to ensure that we produce what our customers like and so that we don't over-produce or risk wasting unused products.​​ Less is more.

Fabrics  We create high quality clothes that are timeless and that we hope you'll love for years. We aim to make as much of our garment from recycled materials as possible. Since our fabrics are a blend that can't be separated for recycling yet, we are on a mission to recreate new products from old garments, everything that isn't sold and from all waste. The waste is being used to produce new products and accessories, we collaborate with other local companies who produce new products out of our rest materials and we melt down our garments to produce new to lengthen the unique product's life cycle.

If you for some reason don't need or want your product anymore, please contact us so that we can help you sell it or recycle it! If something is broken, we can help you fix it if possible.

Packaging  As a lead in reducing single plastics we get our products sent from the manufacturer to us in one box without the plastics, then we send our products in recycled paper when we send it to you.​ 

Other materials  If we don't need a tag, we won't use a tag. We choose to not over-brand our products and we choose to trust you as a customer when you make returns - we are all in this together. All information you need about our products is written on our website. We are always keeping our eye on new materials and fabrics to find the best ones for our products to reduce our carbon footprints and impacts on the planet.

Knowledge  We aim to spread knowledge about how we can help reducing our total impacts on the planet. Consuming less and using timeless, high quality garments for years is one thing. Learning about the latest research is another. But one of the most impactful things we can do to inspire our communities and learn from each other is to meet locally, work with our societies, make impact our communities and spread the word in a positive, inspiring way that results in action. Knowledge is key to know how to change, but motivation from "why" is required to change lifestyle, politics, demands.​

Garment care

The best way to reduce unnecessary consumption is to use products that you can wear for many activities for many years. To make the products last a long time, it's essential to take care of it.

Washing bag  If you use a washing bag you prevent micro-plastics from going out into the ocean and you keep the quality of your fabrics. 

Low temperatures  Reduces energy consumption by using a temperature of 30°C which is enough for most garments. Do not tumble dry to reduce energy waste and prevent quality of the fabrics and fit of the garments. Let dry on a hanger or towel.

Airing  Reduce washing, reduce the negative effects on the environment and increase the product's lifecycle. By hanging the products for some fresh air in between uses, and wash them carefully only when you really need it.


Pilling & stains  We work actively to make a finish that won't tear. Some tearing is natural for some fabrics, and if you over time get pilling after washing or wearing them as much as we hope, you can easily use a pilling remover to make them look like new again. Remove stains instead of washing the whole garment, to reduce the use of energy and water. We recommend using bicarbonate, diskmedel, gall soap or similar to efficiently remove stains.

Wearing & tearing  Take care of your products like you've made them yourself. By building strong relationships to the clothes you buy, experiencing great things and making memories while wearing them, will increase the sense of connection to and care for your belongings. Wear it with love and write your Nordinary story!

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