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Embrace the winter and make yourself cozy in our very first thermal wear.

Designed in northern Sweden with love for nature to inspire you to go outside all year round.

Stay wild,
stay hot

No matter if you're going for a walk in the city, going skiing, heading out for a night in a tent or working in your home office - our thermal set is designed for multi-purposes wherever you go. Its flattering and minimalistic design allows you to use it with a shell jacket as well as a blazer, the fit is comfortable and squat-proof, made of durable and resistant high-quality fabric for you to be able to build a relationship to your product over time and love it for years! And it's so soft and cozy it makes you go "Aaaaaah!"

All our products are designed in Sweden and produced in Europe with greatest love and care for nature to inspire you to stay warm and spend more time in the outdoors all year round.

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"WHAT have you created?! This is the coziest and most comfortable thing I've ever worn!! I will never take them off!"

What's our next color?

We've been asking lots of people during the pre-production process which color we should produce next, and there's one specific almost everyone asked for. Guess which?

Nya färger.png
Fulufjället Hundspann43_edited.jpg

Nordinary Experiences

Escape the ordinary and experience Wild Winter in northern nature with us! Click the link to vote for your favorite meet-up!

Tips on how to stay warm this winter

Learn from the experts on how to stay warm, save money and learn to appreciate and love the chilly season.

Image by Emily Hon

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