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  • In which temperatures can I use the Good Place tights and top?
    The Good Place tights and top are made of thermal power fleece and can be used in sub zero temperatures. For colder temperatures we recommend using 2 layers. In a test in -20, dry air and no wind a double layer without shell works very good! If it gets windy during such cold temperatures you should always use a windproof shell and preferably a puffer layer. They can also give extra comfort on an early morning walk or chilly nights during the summer and works perfectly up to about 18°C depending on how cold you are. We love to use it from winter to summer, indoors and outdoors, to the office and skiing!
  • Will the be more styles, colors and products?
    Yes, we are working on more styles, colors and products! We are also working on unisex and men's wear, and accessories from rest fabrics. With regards to the environment we will always produce fair, ethical and sustainable so the processes might take longer than normal. If you have any styles, colors and products you would like for us to develop, please let us know :)
  • Will you make more sizes?
    Currently we only have three sizes: S, M and L. The next batch (coming in Jan-Feb) will provide XXS-XXL and we will always listen to the customers' wishes and needs to produce exactly that which will be used!
  • I'm not sure if I should buy a top, how is it being used and why should I buy the whole set?
    The top is our favorite! Not only does it give a nice matching look to the tights, but it really makes the whole difference in the cold. Imagine staying warm around the torso and chest and needing less layers because you stay warm all the way in on the skin, it is actually quite an addicting feeling once you've felt it. You can use it as a bra or a top, under a nice jacket or as a first layer underwear, to any pant you like! The high cut in the back is to keep you extra warm underneath, and we will add more styles for different activities and preferations!
  • I live in US, will I be able to place an order anyway?
    So happy you found us all the way from across the Atlantic! Yes you are :) We have written the information in Shipping & Returns, but please write to us if you have any questions and we will do our best to help you place the order!
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