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The nordinary story

Nature is our home, our love story, our happiness, our growth and our health. We want to inspire you to embrace the cold, travel locally and explore the beautiful Nordic nature all year round! Magic is everywhere, you just need the right tools to make it a memorable experience.

Nordinary is an initiative to make the uncomfortable comfortable, explore the Nordic outdoors beyond the ordinary place. The idea was born in 2015 when a Swedish professional adventurer suffering from Raynauds was tent-camping on a solo adventure way up north, freezing and feeling uncomfortable in her too short, too thin, too tight in the stomach fleece pants full of zippers, reflectors, pockets, huge logos, unflattering colors and designs, and other multi-functional details, that got holes everywhere, lost fit after a few uses, and were not nice to wear other than underneath the shell clothes. And the fleece top she wore was too cold, too tight and mismatching. The warmest long underwear didn't match the female body and the functional adventure clothes were not functional, did not last for many uses and the look was always super sporty or outdoorsy. It was clear the industry needed a change into becoming more including and sustainable.

"It's not appropriate to wear tights as an adventure guide"

Then and there, she begun her journey in a man dominated industry to set a new standard to what women want to wear outdoors and how they should behave. With a lifetime of outdoor knowledge and experiences and passion for nature, she brought her giggles and city style outside, combined her knowledge and adventure expertise without compromising on having fun, and she took place next to the serious and tough bearded to inspire more girls and women to feel confident enough to own their competence and passion, do what they love and to do it in their own way despite conservative norms, looks and manners.

She started wearing tights all the time everywhere on every expedition and adventure guiding job, because they were super comfortable, stayed in place, she could move like a cat, they were easy to layer up and she felt beautiful wearing them. But there were just two problems - other people's prejudices about adventure women wearing tights, and the tights on the market were too cold to wear in the north where it's cold 9 months a year. And that's when Nordinary was born.

One piece for every activity

Nordinary is a place outside the ordinary, where your life is designed with purpose, with a why and with strength to stay calm, happy and healthy even when it storms. The worlds products are on average being used once per year and seven times in its whole product lifecycle. Our purpose is to design warm, comfortable, flattering, high quality, long-lasting, functional, locally produced clothes that will inspire you to go outside all year round, with a minimalistic Scandinavian design that you won't get tired of, that you can use for many activities and that will help you consume less.

All our products are designed in Sweden and produced in Europe with greatest love and care for nature, for a sustainable outdoor and health industry. Our mission is to create products with as little impact on us and our planet as possible. Our customers and users are the ones who lead the way to what we produce, we will always listen to feedback to be able to create timeless products that you'll love for years.

Read more about our sustainability work here.

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